Our Clients

This is a default Our Clients page, Which comes preinstalled with HostingRaja’s WordPress Hosting.
If you want to edit the content, Please login to admin section (refer your welcome email for username and password).
Once you log in, Go to Page and then click on Our Clients Page. Modify the pages as you wish and then click on Update. Your new page will be reflected for customers.

How To Create a New Our Clients pages

Step 1 : Login your wp-admin dashboard, ( you can login wp-admin dashboard from ClientArea or https://example.com/wp-admin ).

Step 2 : Click the Pages in side bar.

Step 3 : Now select the Our Clients and click the edit option.

Step 4 : Now edit your Our Clients pages and update it.

Step 5: Click the Appearance in side bar and you get sub menu as menus.

Step 6: In menus list Our Clients menu already is there, if want change you can change it and click Save Menu.